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The use of CCTV is an important part of the drain clearing process. Without the use of the camera, our blocked drains Sydney technician has no visibility of what the cause is, and is unable to provide an accurate solution to permanently fix your drains.

The CCTV camera inspection allows our plumbers to identify the exact location, depth, length and type of pipe and any other underground or hidden problems which is causing the blocked drain and or if our pipe relining Sydney service may be required.

We feel that no home owner can make an informed decision on blocked drains and pipes or on what is the right solution for their drain without it been inspected using CCTV.

If you have taken advice about your drains from a specialist emergency pipe and blocked drains Sydney plumber who has not inspected your drains using CCTV you could be pouring money down the drain. Only when your pipes and drains have been checked can a true indication be given of what needs to be repaired. It can be as simple as 1/2m section of pipe is causing the problem and this will be a lot cheaper to repair than replacing the whole pipe.

We also recommend having your plumbing analysed with a CCTV camera before buying a new property. It can be very expensive to find out 2 months after you move in the plumbing system all need to be replaced. You are better knowing before you buy, enabling you to negotiate a more favourable sale price.

The other advantage using CCTV is that it also allows you to locate your piping, sewerage and or any other plumbing installations. This can be helpful if your thinking of putting in a pool or need to tee into a existing stormwater pipe.

unblock your sydney drains with our expert pipe relining professionals

Lost Jewellery In The Drain? Do I Need a Sydney Blocked Drains Plumber?

When it comes to retrieving a valuable possession, DrainWorks Blocked Drains Sydney has unique technology and patience to help retrieve the most valuable rings, necklaces and earrings. We are regularly called out on emergency jobs to locate lost valuables, usually that have been flushed down toilets or dropped down sinks. We have even been known to pluck out the odd toy as well which had been silently causing issues the home owner was not aware of. DrainWorks are only a phone call away to help you in those stressful situations.

If you have lost something valuable, do not use any water or flush any toilet. Just advise every one in the house what has happen and tell them not to use any plumbing fixture. Call DrainWorks as we will be able to assist you right away in retrieving the item from the drain.


Q. If I dropped an earring down the basin drain will it be gone forever?
A. There is a good chance that it should be in the trap under the sink as long as you have not flushed too much water down the drain.