CCTV Drain Camera

The Low-Down on Advanced CCTV Drain Camera Technologies

There are many reasons why our drains experience blockages. The cause of the blockages can consist of leaf and tree debris, tree roots, sanitary products, cooking grease and so much more.
Using a CCTV drain camera – also known as a sewer camera or sewer viewer – to find out what is clogging your pipes is the fastest and easiest way to determine the exact nature of the problem.
More importantly, using a sewer camera to discover what’s clogging the drain will make it easier for the plumber to remove the offending blockage or item and in turn this will save you, the consumer, costs in time, energy and effort.

The benefits of using a CCTV drain camera are numerous. We would like to share a list of those benefits with you today.

CCTV Drain Camera

CCTV Drain Camera Benefits

  • Improves accuracy – there is an easy way and a hard way to find what is currently blocking up your drain. When using a sewer camera to discover the nature of the blockage, the plumber will know precisely how to find the exact location of the problem so that he can immediately remove the clog. The plumber will know exactly how deep he must go in order to fix the problem.
  • Eliminates the guesswork typically involved in unblocking drains – in the past, before the advent of the CCTV drain camera, the plumber would have to root around in the piping system – and this would take time – in order to discover the blockage and remove it. With the sewer viewer, the guesswork is eliminated, the blockages found immediately and removed in a timely manner.
  • Learn about the state of your drains – if you ever wondered about the state of your drains, and whether or not they are in good condition, the CCTV drain camera will show you what’s going on inside and so much more.