Electric Eel

DrainWorks Explains The Electric Eel

The electric eel, also known as an electric drain snake, has the ability to clear out clogged pipes, sewer lines and drain systems. And as we all know, drains and toilet bowls and other waistlines are going to clog up from time to time. This is an inevitability of which home and business owners must become accustomed.

Since clogged drains are a fact of life, it’s inevitable that you’ll need the right service or piece of equipment to handle the job. Depending on the severity of the clog, unclogging a drain using an electric eel will be the right choice on many occasions.

Why Should You Consider The Electric Eel

In all honesty, the electric eel is a very useful tool. But if you do not have experience using powerful plumbing equipment of this type, you could actually cause more harm than good. This equipment must be used in the hands of trusted professional, or serious damage and harm could come to your sewer lines and piping system.

There are two instances when you should avoid using an electric eel. They are:

  • when you have galvanized pipes
  • immediately after you’ve used a commercial drain cleaner

In both of these cases, the electric eel could end up damaging the pipes and causing harm that could end up being very expensive. Always call on a professional plumber if you do not have the right drain cleaning experience.

Electric Eel

Results You Can Expect in your DrainWorks Project

The best thing to understand is that an electric eel is the perfect tool for the job in many situations. But if you do not know the situations where an electric eel will excel, you could end up harming your drain instead of helping it.

This effective tool will go into the drainage system and break up the clogs and debris so that water can freely flow through the system once again.