Root X

Solving Root Damage with Root X

Roots can become a major problem for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. They can find their way into septic systems, storm pipes and even residential and commercial sewer lines. This will cause a major problem and produce sewer blockages that need to be cleared up as soon as possible in order for the sewer system the flow freely once again.

Root X is the perfect choice to eliminate all roots that are obstructing important parts of your sewer drainage system.

Be warned that only a professional drain cleaner should use this product, because they will guarantee that they can keep the lines free from root blockages for at least a year.

Root X

Why Use Root X?

There are other commercial root killers on the market, so what makes this product so special?

For starters, this herbicide penetrates directly into the roots and kills them on contact. So you do not have to worry about the roots growing back just days, weeks or months after the professional drain cleaner does his job. Since the roots are instantly killed, you’ll never have to worry about them growing back again. They are completely killed off and never to return.

Root Regrowth Prevention

Another important thing to note is that Root X is the ideal choice because it prevents root regrowth from taking place.

When applied correctly by a professional plumber or drain cleaning expert, they will use this solution and put it in correctly so that it sticks to the walls of the pipes. This will prevent roots from regrowing for at least three years. And that’s precisely what you need for peace of mind as a homeowner or commercial property owner looking to eliminate this problem once and for all.

When contacting a professional drain unblocking service for removal purposes, always make sure that they use Root X as their chemical of choice.