Stormwater Pipes Compliance

Are Your Pipes Stormwater Compliant?

Are you renovating under a Comply and Development? If so DrainWorks can complete a Stormwater Drains report as required to meet your certifies conditions.

We carry out test on all downpipes stormwater pits and grates to make sure they are all in working order. This process includes CCTV check and Dye test and a written report by a stormwater pipes specialist.

Full report can be turned around in 24hours from completion of inspection.

Call DrainWorks to book your stormwater comply and development check.

Stormwater Pipes Compliance

New Sewer Connection

If you are connecting your sewer for the first time or you are re-diverting the sewer DrainWorks can help you with this. DrainWorks will see the job through from start to finish including driveway replacement landscaping and rubbish removal. If you own a semi and are on a shared sewer line and you want to connect to the sewer then we can help. Its common for the old shared line to be in poor condition and constantly blocking. One solution is to connect to the sewer for your property and not be inconvenienced with the aged blocking sewer any more.

Call DrainWorks to find out more and schedule your stormwater pipes compliance report today.