Earthenware Pipe Relining Bilgola Plateau

There’s a reason that clay (often referred to as “earthenware”) pipes have been around since the Romans invented plumbing: they are easy to install, get the job done, and can last 100 years if you’re lucky. But sometimes, Mother Nature, the terrain, and surface-level construction doesn’t cooperate, and you end up with a near-impossible situation—when tree roots attack, you’ve got to get creative. Good thing that’s exactly what we did in Bilgola Plateau this month.

 Clay pipes are common in the Sydney Area, and even though they are relatively reliable, they are especially susceptible to damage from tree roots. When rough terrain, a staircase, two 90-degree turns, and an entire home stand between a homeowner and free-flowing water, it’s time to call in the pros.

The Problem

 Clay pipes are susceptible to tree root incursion for two main reasons:

  • Old, crumbling pipes (like we’ve got in Sydney) have thousands of weak points for tiny tree roots to attack. When they grow, they create partial or even full blockages of water to the home.
  • Clay pipe joints are weaker than their modern counterparts, leaving the front door wide open for tree roots to walk right in.

 We encountered both of these issues in Bilgola Plateau. The sewer was blocked out in front of the home, and the terrain made a dig next to impossible. The pipe ran up from the front of the house, turned 90 degrees toward the home, then under a staircase and turned 90 degrees again under the house. Digging near the blockage was not an option. Any repairs would necessitate a major digging operation or the installation of joints to connect the old pipes and new ones together at major junctions.


The DrainWorks Solution

 Drainworks put its pipe relining skills to the test to try and solve the homeowner’s problem and save them thousands of dollars.

We put our drum to work underneath the house by tapping into the earthenware pipes and relining from underneath the house all the way out to the blockage in front of the home. We were able to fully remove the blockage and functionally install a new working pipe within the old one.

The best part was that, once we connected the newly relined pipe to the old clay system using PVC, the homeowner had a continuous pipe all the way down to the front of the yard.

No joints. No digging. No massive bills. Guaranteed for 20 years.

If you think you have no choice but to replace your pipes when they are blocked, think again. Contact DrainWorks today to learn more about pipe relining in the Sydney Area, and you could save thousands of dollars or more.