Emergency Blocked Sewer Drains

Emergency Blocked Sewers

Do you have an overflowing sewer? Do you need a plumber NOW Call DrainWorks and We can be there in a flash.

Blocked sewers are the most common and irritating problems for our customers and are considered a serious problem, since the water has nowhere to go. An obvious sign of a blocked sewer is when one or more toilet doesn’t drain when flushed, another sign is when you use the tap at the sink and the toilet bubbles or when the drain in the shower is draining slower than usual.

Whatever the issue, at DrainWorks we have an expert who can diagnose the problem and fix it and give you a solution to solve the problem permanently.

Emergency Blocked Sewer Drains

Whilst waiting for the technician to arrive, make sure that you are not using any plumbing fixtures in the house. This includes toilets, showers, basins, washing machines, dishwashers. It important that no water goes down any drain. If you live in a unit go upstairs and ask the neighbours to stop putting any water down the drains. Sometimes the best way is to shut the water of at the meter. You may have some unhappy neighbours but at least you stop the sewer flowing into your home.

If you still have water coming up through the floor waste remove the floor grate and block the waste with a towel into the drain.
The DrainWorks technician will arrive onsite with all the latest equipment to ensure your drain is cleared promptly and without further damaging your drains and can also provide you with a solution to permanently fix the problem.

The common causes of Blocked Drains are:

  1. Damaged Pipes, due to earth movement or landscaping/building works
  2. Tree root intrusion
  3. Foreign objects restricting or blocking the sewer
  4. Grease build up