Burst Water Pipe

Don’t Despair and Call The DrainWorks Specialist Team In Your Burst Water Pipe Emergency

Burst water pipes can happen at any time. However, they are more common during the night due to the water pressure being higher. In the event that this happens on your property, the first thing to do is protect your property. Find the water meter, they are typically located in front yards, usually between ½ metre to 2 metres from the front property boundary and shut the water off to the entire property.

If there is an outdoor tap lower than the burst pipe and turn the tap on full. If the meter tap has shut off properly the water should stop running from the garden taps and the burst pipe straight away. If the meter tap has not shut off, you will still have water running through the pipes. If you can slow the flow by putting on the garden tap this can minimise damage.

Burst Water Pipe

To minimise damage to timber and carpet areas, try and mop up as much of the water as possible as soon as possible. We see a lot of damage caused due to standing water and moisture so get lots of towels and soak up the water from timber and carpet areas.

Then Call 1300360177 and one of our qualified DrainWorks Technicians will be there in a flash.

The most common causes for burst pipes that DrainWorks see are:

  1. Burst flexi hoses under basin
  2. Burst Washing Machine or Dishwasher hose
  3. Copper pipe crushed by tree roots
  4. Rusted galvanised water service.
  5. Pipe has been hit by shovel in garden

Once DrainWorks is onsite, the technician using the latest plumbing technologye if required will locate the source of the problem and provide you with a plan on how they intend to fix the burst pipe and provide you with an upfront price, so there will be no surprises at the end of the job.