Gas Leaks

Gas Leak Emergencies Require An Immediate Response From A Qualified Expert

A gas leak checkup is always a wise choice. It could be the difference between an unfortunate event and saving the lives of your friends, family members and loved ones that regularly visit your home.

A gas leak is no laughing matter. This must be taken seriously. And if you detect that your home has a gas leak, or even just suspect it, you need to immediately call DrainWorks in this emergency setting so that we can determine whether or not you do have a leak in your gas line.

Ways to Discover a Gas Leak?

There are 3 major signs that you have a gas leak (and you may only see one of them!) These are:

  1. You can smell the leaking gas
  2. Your gas appliances are not working or have an intermittent fault
  3. You have a higher than normal gas bill (that wasn’t expected)

A gas leak is not something you want to take your time with. The stronger the smell the greater chance of an explosion and if the gas source is ignited it can be a recipe for disaster, as well as escaped gas can cause serious health issues.

Gas Leaks

The Importance of Immediately Fixing a Gas Leak

The first step is to turn off the gas by locating the gas meter (usually located near the front corner of your property) and shut off the main valve. The valve is located at the meter and normally is a ball valve where the handle lifts up, if there is no off position marked on the meter another indication is when the handle points across the pipe it means the valve is in the off position.

  • Next extinguish all naked flames. Do not light any flames or operate electrical equipment (as appliances can generate sparks).
  • If the gas leak is from inside your home, open all the doors and windows to ensure the area is well ventilated throughout the property.
  • Then Call DrainWorks for Fast prompt service 24hrs 7 days a week. 1300360177

The DrainWorks technician will arrive onsite, establish where the gas is leaking from and can work to isolate the issue for your safety, once this is completed the technician then can determine whether the most economical way to either repair or replace the gas line and give you an upfront price for each of your options to ensure your gas line is back up and running safely as soon as possible.