Gas Fitting

Certified and Safe Gas Fitting Plumbers

Drainworks gas fitting plumbers a re available 24/7 for all your gas fitting needs. If you think one of your gas fittings may be getting a little old and tired and you are worried a leak may occur contact our friendly staff and we will arrange to have a new fitting installed. We can also install new gas appliances for you such as cook tops, ovens and hot water systems. Our technicians are reliable, efficient and highly qualified at installing gas fittings and systems. All of our work is accompanied with a certificate of compliance.

Our Gas Related Services

We offer a number of gas related services and they include:

  • hot water related gas service
  • gas pipe installations
  • detection, diagnostics and repairing of gas leaks
  • connecting and installing gas cook tops and gas ovens
  • installation and repair of gas heaters

Gas Fitting

Are You Ready to Install a New Gas Appliance?

You might feel that this is something that you could do easy enough on your own, but truthfully it’s better to have a licensed plumbing professional to perform the installation.

First off, it will guarantee that the installment goes smoothly and that the appliance is installed correctly. Secondly, license plumbers have the ability to issue a Compliance Certificate. This will ensure that your product warranty is valid in case something were ever to go wrong that is not your fault.

If you need help with installation, repair or gas fitting, please call DrainWorks today. We have an efficient, reliable and fast service that can handle every one of your gas fitting and gas plumbing related needs.