Hot Water

Have Your Hot Water Problems Solved For Good

It’s difficult trying to live without hot water. So it’s important to properly maintain your hot water heater so that it is running in peak condition at all times. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to occasionally run into hot water problems anyway.

When hot water is an issue and no longer freely flowing from the taps in your home, it’s time to call DrainWorks and let our professional plumbing company discover the problem, fix it and allow you to have free flowing hot water once again.

Potential Hot Water Heater Problems That Need Immediate Attention

When hot water is no longer coming out of the taps in your home, there are a few potential things that can be happening creating this problem.
They include:

  • having a faulty or broken gas pilot control valve
  • having a faulty or broken gas thermocouple
  • having a faulty or broken gas pilot

Hot Water

As you can see, all of the potential hot water heater problems are all gas related and need to be rectified immediately before other issues come about.
There are a few potential ways to fix these problems, and DrainWorks is the ideal company to help. We are a professional organization that offers affordable pricing, quick turnaround and friendly service.

Potential Ways to Fix Hot Water Heater Related Problems

  • reposition, tighten or replace gas thermocouple
  • fix the gas pilot control valve by replacing it entirely
  • check on the pilot operation and the pilot flame

No matter what, in order to restore hot water, discovering and then fixing hot water heater related issues is an absolute necessity.

It would be our pleasure to help you with your hot water related issues. Call DrainWorks today to discuss your problem and schedule an appointment so that we can visit your home and discover a way to correct the issue ASAP.