How Pipe Relining Can Benefit You

As your property gets old and worn out, it’s quite possible that the plumbing is going to have its own set of problems due to the typical decline caused by wear and tear. At some point an older house will need a complete pipe replacement or (more intelligently) pipe relining services to repair the worn out pipes.

Let’s face it. Pipes will develop holes over time. This happens whether it’s for a water system or a sewage system. Repairs need to be made as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and disastrous leaks that can cause major problems and cost too much money to fix. Pipe relining offers many fantastic benefits. We will discuss some of the best right now.

  • No Destructive Excavation
  • Permanently stops tree root intrusion into the pipesReline from 1m to 100m of pipe line
  • Stops leaking sewer through cracked pipes
  • Save your garden, paths and driveways
  • FAST turnaround time. (Good for businesses who can’t afford down time)
  • Quiet, so it can be done any time. Day or night. (no loud jack hammering)
  • Suitable for Sewer, Stormwater , Pool & other types of pressure pipes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improves water flow
  • 20 year Guarantee on all pipe relining

Why Have This?

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When You Have A Permanent No Dig Solution

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Saving Money

All homeowners should do everything in their power to save money as far as repairs are concerned. There is no need to spend money installing brand-new pipe inside of your home when you have an opportunity to benefit from pipe relining instead. This could literally save you thousands of dollars in expenses and prevent damage to your pipes and home all at the same time.

Pipe Relining Benefits - DrainWorks

Long-Term Repair Solution

Pipe relining is a long-term solution to a potentially serious problem. When it comes to old pipes, a major concern is that you’ll have to rip up the ground and parts of your home in order to replace them. This can be incredibly expensive, and with commercial property this could literally cost tens of thousands of dollars or even more. Thankfully pipe relining exists, because it solves the problem without creating any further headaches.

Drainworks Guarantees

At Drainworks, we have a four step guarantee process that ensures 100% satisfaction. We guarantee that your repairs are made by an expert, we guarantee to show up on time, we guarantee to keep our work clean and more importantly than anything else, we guarantee your satisfaction. Do not hesitate to call Drainworks today.