How Does It Work

Understanding The Pipe Relining Process

Watch the video below to see how the Trenchless Pipe Relining Process works


The pipe relining process is very simple and easy to understand. When compared to complete pipe replacement, this process is so easy and convenient, and possibly the most important thing to mention is that it is incredibly cost-effective.

In order to teach you more about the pipe relining process, we will discuss how it works below. Read at your leisure and discover the benefits of pipe relining today.

How Does Pipe Relining Work?

In all honesty, it’s important to note that different plumbers and specialists will perform pipe relining in their own way. They each have their own method of getting the job done.

In our case, we will first make sure that all of your pipes are completely unblocked. Any existing blockages could be the reason why your pipes may have actually burst to begin with. So we have to make sure that the pipes are clear in order to make way for the pipe relining process. Clearing them out first is our number one priority.

Next, once the passage is smooth and unblocked, we will now send a tiny camera all the way down the pipeline. This gives us the chance to explore and determine the quality and type of damage.
This camera investigation is going to help save you money. It will allow us to pinpoint the problems so that we can fix them incredibly efficiently.

Now that we have sent the camera through the pipes to determine the problems, we can begin to perform the pipe relining process. We will use a liquid type repair substance that we will inject into the plumbing system. It will go through the pipes and stick to the walls of the pipes and fill in the many holes, cracks and crevices.

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