Inversion Relining

At Drainworks, one of our main specialties is pipe relining. We specialize in advanced no-dig techniques to repair and reline pipes because it’s incredibly cost-effective and a superior solution better for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. It is a easy way to prevent unnecessary damage to your home by eliminating the need to rip up your landscape, concrete flooring, walls and more.

Here at Drainworks, we employ some of the leading inversion relining technologies including the Brawoliner which gives us the ability to perform inversion relining at its finest.  We love our customers to be informed and educated so to help you have a better understanding of this process, we’ve included the lowdown on the Brawoliner inversion relining process below.

What Is Inversion Relining?

In a nutshell, inversion relining is a method of pipe relining that is specifically designed for small and medium-sized pipes. It’s an incredibly effective way of relining and repairing pipes.  The system is perfect for most commercial and domestic sewer and drain relining, because it has the ability to handle multiple bends and small changes in the diameter of the pipe.

By using this trenchless technology, it means that we have the ability to repair pipes without having to dig them up and replace them. That’s why inversion relining is so powerful and becoming the number one solution for property owners across Sydney.

The Brawoliner Inversion Pipe Relining Method & How It Works

Brawoliner inversion pipe relining is a method of using a specially formulated resin as a way of impregnating a flexible pipe. This resin is then pushed through the pipe by using compressed air, and throughout the process the liner is then inverted – hence the name – by putting the resin on the outside of the existing pipe in between the pipe and the pipe relining.

Check out the video below to find our more:

Using compressed air ensures that the pipe relining will hold in place in all the same contours so that it bonds to the walls of the pipe. It is later cured by leaving it for a set period of time, or by adding hot water in order to speed this process along.  Some Brawoliner inversion pipe relining benefits include:

  • handle special changes and bends in pipe diameter
  • can go through inspection pits and junction boxes
  • resists abrasions and chemicals
  • specially designed to last for 50 years
  • we offer a 12 year guarantee for pipe relining

The pipe relining process is very simple and easy to understand. When compared to complete pipe replacement, this process is so easy and convenient, and possibly the most important thing to mention is that it is incredibly cost-effective.

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