Property Managers

Reliable and Affordable Pipe Relining for Property Managers

As a property manager, it is your responsibility to make sure that you take care of the upkeep for all of the properties that you are responsible for. This could potentially cause serious problems if any of your old properties are starting to show wear and tear as far as the pipes are concerned.

If you were to approach the property owners and tell them that their options are…

1) to completely tear all of the pipes for the water lines and sewer systems and spend months or even years fixing the problem

or… 2) tell them that pipe relining is a valid and viable alternative that is only a fraction of the cost and will take a small amount of time… Which option do you think the owners would choose?

Of course they’re going to choose pipe relining! It’s the smart way to fix the holes on old, rundown and worn out pipes. It’s the convenient and intelligent way to solve this problem.
All property managers should contact Drainworks to learn more about pipe relining today.

Property Managers

How Drainworks Can Help Fulfill Your Pipe Relining Needs

First off, it’s important to point out that Drainworks has many years of experience working with property managers on projects similar to this. So we know exactly how to meet and exceed all of your needs.

Throughout the project, we will provide full inspection reports, checklists and even offer our professional advice. Our convenient service and years of experience in this industry, plus our personal guarantee, will show you that pipe relining is the perfect choice to meet your specific needs.

We can work independently, so we will never waste your valuable time when it should be spent on other important matters related to your property manager responsibilities.
If you have any questions or concerns related to pipe relining, feel free to call Drainworks for a free consultation.