70 Metre Reline – Killarney Heights

70 metres—that’s as wide as a regulation rugby pitch. When we got called out to Killarney Heights, we had to deal with some tough terrain and long distances, but that didn’t stop us. We were able to fix the drain issue—no-dig technology came through big again in Sydney.

Killarney Heights Pipe Relining

 The property was at a slight incline and the pipe ran for 70 metres alongside the house. The terrain was covered in rocks, bushes, trees, and brush, so excavation would have been a herculean task indeed. So how did we repair the blocked drain? Not to worry, with a bit of ingenuity, some advanced pipe inversion technology, some epoxy resin, and elbow grease, we were able to get the job done without having to tear up this homeowner’s nice garden.

How We Did It

 A dig in this terrain would have cost thousands easily and days upon days of labour.

DrainWorks’ no-dig pipe relining system was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We prepared the pipe liner, filled the drum with compressed air, and dug ourselves a nice access point to the pipe. We ran the new liner 70 metres under the hedges and to the back of the house.

The reason it’s called an inversion is because when the liner is inserted into the pipe and pushed through with compressed air, it turns inside out or “inverts” so that the resin we applied is now on the outside and can fuse to the old pipe. The only problem this pipe presented was the number of junctions. Good thing we had just the technology needed for that…

Cutting Out Junctions

 When one pipe joins to another at a 90-degree angle, it presents a challenge to pipe relining that can only be overcome with the right tools and technology. When the liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated, it covers up the junction holes and blocks the flow of water. However, by using tools inserted into the pipe AFTER the resin has cured, we can cut out the holes in the junction manually, letting water flow freely through.

No distance, terrain, or other pipe challenges will get in the way of DrainWorks saving our clients thousands of dollars on their plumbing costs. If you’ve got blocked drains or pipes on the northern beaches or across Sydney, contact us today about pipe relining in the Sydney Area and see how we can save you thousands or more.


Tree roots in pipe causing blockages in sewer at Killarney Heights